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Central Auto Group would like to introduce you to a Commercial friendly program that caters to small and large fleets alike. My name is David L. Wargat. I am the Commercial Operations Manager here at Central Auto Group. My background is in the field of HVAC. My intimate & personal knowledge of a contractor's frustration with dealerships is what sets me apart from any other dealer representative.  It is my intention to change your perception of how to deal with your fleet! Put Central Auto Group to the test. We at Central urge you to step forward into our program that caters to you and the needs of your company. I invite you to experience a professional and seamless way of doing business that will have a dramatic positive effect on your bottom line. One example to support what has been stated previously, is that you will never have to come to the dealership as we will bring our products and services to you.  Your trucks will be the only part of your company that will ever be required to be here.  To state things in the simplest of terms, commercial provisions are not complicated as long as you are properly prepared and have the ability to listen thoroughly and provide exactly as the client has requested.  I will put as much effort into earning your business as I will to keep your business. Here at Central, there is no difference between the two.

Central's award winning Service Department possesses the ability and knowledge which enables the team to service any make and model under a 26000 pound GVWR. Service for Medium Duty trucks will be coming soon. Our dedicated staff will address the needs of your fleet whatever that may be. Our service team fully understands that when your truck is in one of our bays, it is not just sitting idle but is a continuous drain on your company treasure. We understand that it is imperative that the truck be completed quickly and without any errors.  Coming back for the same issue is not an option that you should tolerate nor Central can afford.  Preventive mitigation is the foundation from which we serve.  Knowing ahead of time if a part or system is going to fail  is paramount for Central as we are the "stewards" of your work platforms. We cover all practical aspects of the Commercial Industry.  We are certified with the State of Connecticut to perform DOT inspections and renewals on your fleet. Most Commercial Sales limit themselves to just the sale. Here at Central, we have developed a program that covers the broad spectrum of Commercial Applications.  We will serve you from the selection of and the service for your critical business asset.  Central will serve you in ways that other dealers will not and you will experience an operational tempo not seen in this industry.  You will experience the confidence that what you are requesting is being strictly adhered to.  It is all about that next level thinking that is guided by paying attention to the details and then delivering on those details.  

Give our team a call and find out how your company can take advantage of the short and long term benefits of being part of our Commercial Community.


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