Used Car FAQs

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As a small, locally-owned dealership group, we believe it's our job to help our customers with any concerns and questions they may have about the automotive purchase process. This foundational belief is why we go to great lengths to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident finalizing the purchase of a used VW or Certified Pre-Owned Ford in Connecticut. To take our efforts one step further, we've also compiled the following FAQs, which is an excellent starting point for any local car buyer as they gear up to look for used cars for sale nearby. As you embark on this process and get closer to finding your dream car, know that you can turn to any one of our car dealerships in Plainfield for complete sales support before, during and after the sale.

Used Vehicle FAQs


Should I Buy a Used Car from a Dealership?

Yes. Trustworthy car dealerships such as those operated by the Central Auto Group provide a full-service experience defined by transparent practices, unmatched after-sales support and complete automotive product expertise. Such white-glove service is all but impossible to find elsewhere. Why not? Because online car-selling websites and private sellers don't have the facilities, knowhow or operations to provide such a personalized customer experience. If you want to schedule Ford service or buy a CPO VW in Connecticut, trust one of the Central Auto Group dealerships to take care of your every need.


What Questions Do I Ask When Buying a Used Car?

The most important questions you can ask about a used car will revolve around its service history, maintenance records, current condition and more. We suggest you keep in mind the following questions the next time you take a used car test-drive nearby:

  • Does the car have a clean Vehicle History Report?
  • Are there maintenance records or receipts to verify any prior servicing?
  • What safety features and other technologies is the car equipped with?
  • Is the vehicle still covered by the factory warranty? If not, is it eligible for an extended warranty?

How Many Miles is Good for a Used Car?

A low-mileage used car is preferable, but even high-mileage cars are compelling options if they were properly maintained. In fact, quality vehicles with high mileage may offer years of trouble-free service at a highly competitive price point, making them popular among shoppers looking for used cars for sale under $15,000 or $20,000. No matter what you purchase, pay closest attention to a vehicle's overall appearance and drivability, not its mileage. A car's general wear and tear is often more telling of a vehicle's condition than the odometer alone.


What is the Best Used Car to Buy?

The answer is dependent on your lifestyle. Many car shoppers are out to buy a used Ford truck in Plainfield due to their unmatched capability. Others prefer the fuel economy promised by Hyundai hybrid SUVs and sedans. The impressiveness of German engineering often draws a certain caliber of shopper into our local VW dealership as they search for a Tiguan or Golf GTI for sale nearby. No matter what strikes your fancy, know that any of our auto sales specialists at all our locations will be happy to help you find the perfect car. To get started, just contact Central Auto Group today.

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